Our Vision

Growth Projection – Loans

Since launch of MVP, total microloans exceeding 250,000.

200 Million
Official Launch of the ecosystem and projected growth of 400% (200million loans) by end of 2021
500 Million
Expansion of Partner’s network to >80 partners globally and additional of Crypto Insurance. Ecosystem projected to grow exponentially to 500Million loans with new partners and products.
1 Billion
Full suite of Micro Finance products with strategic partners worldwide. Leveraging on Blockchain technology to increase penetration on existing markets. Growth potential to 1 Billion loans.

Loan Origination Target by 2024

200 Million worth of loan within 1st year of operations with a user base of 300,000.
Significant and achievable growth with strong demand for microloans with low Non-Performing Loans.
Focus on growing user base and maintaining micro-size loans to minimize concentration risk.
AI driven credit underwriting model coupled with advance technological deployment to increase penetration rate.

Road Map

Operating & Providing Micro Finance Services
2nd quarter
official launch of Starry Platform in ASEAN countries .
2nd quarter
Launch Blockchain Micro Finance / Crypto insurance
Prime Blockchain Micro Finance Provider
Initial Public Offering on Nasdaq
World’s First Crypto Shares Exchange